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MONOMONO is a beloved East Village destination where it's signature Asian Fusion meets flower-garnished soju cocktails, various and unique music playing every day. Located at 116 E. Fourth St., the design combines art deco musical antiques, modernist quasi-industrial elements and 15,000 vinyl records encased along its walls. The effect is delectable, elevating musical appetites while providing more conventional nourishment in the form of robustly flavored fare.


New Lower Proof Cocktails Made with House-Aged Soju

Chung has created an array of lower proof cocktails based on soju, Korea’s national spirit, that are infused with fruits and herbs and house-aged over a period of 5 to 6 years. Their garnishes include flowers and leverage Chung’s study of traditional flower arranging with one of Korea’s top masters. They include:

  • Dirty Martini - Korean premium soju, 6-year house-aged pine soju, house-marinated olives
  • OMIJA - 5-year house-aged omija berry soju, grapefruit, apple
  • Blueberry - 5-year house-aged blueberry soju, fresh blueberries, chocolate mint, anise flower

  • Coco Cane Mojito - 5-year house-aged apple soju, fresh sugarcane juice, lime, coconut milk, chocolate mint
  • Soju Bomb - House soju, SingleCut IPA
  • Bellini - Unfiltered rice wine, prosecco, green apple, lemon, anise flower

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